New Internet Laws Fuel Russian Cybercrime

New Internet Laws Fuel Russian Cybercrime: The introduction of Russia’s Sovereign Internet rules is having an impact on the way criminal hackers around the world do business. This is according to security house IntSights, which says that the law, set to become official in a few months, will force many hacking groups to change the way they operate both in Russia and in other countries. The rule would lead to Russia developing its own standalone network that could be cut off from all connections outside of the country if need be and continue to function.

“The sovereign internet will make it much easier for Russian law enforcement to crack down on hackers that target Russian entities,” Yakovlev explained in the IntSights Dark Side of Russia report.
“But the government will still likely turn a blind eye to threat actors that target foreign entities – particularly those operating in enemy states, like the United States.”

In other words, as hacking within Russia becomes more difficult and dangerous, expect to see Russian hacking groups focus even more of their attention on western countries, where the attacks will not draw a police response.

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