Internet of Things Cybersecurity Conference | Best Practice | Meet Experts | Solutions & Services

If you are

Developing a new IoT product or service

Looking to purchase a product or solution

Involved with project which involves connected devices, sensors and networks

Understand the risks and cyber security implications

We are seeing an ever-increasing number and sophistication of cyber-attacks on systems and infrastructure

Attacks are being instigated by criminals; states; hactivists and malicious insiders

The risk and damage to an organisation or individual can be considerable


The potential risks and vulnerabilities posed by using IoT systems and connected devices. IoT security best practice, standards and regulation. Real life experiences.


Organisations providing guidance and best practice + companies offering security products, solutions and services.

The 2019 Conference included Speakers from:

    • Amazon Web Services

    • Arm

    • Copper Horse

    • Device Authority

    • DigiCert

    • GSMA

    • IBM

    • IoT Security Foundation

    • Knowledge Transfer Network

    • LDRA Software Technology

    • Microchip

    • Microsoft

    • Mobius Networks

    • NCC Group

    • Pen Test Partners

    • Performanta

    • Valbrio

    • Xitex